Facelift voor winkelcentrum Geesterduin

Maandag 17 juli 2017

17 JULY 2017

The Geesterduin shopping center in Castricum is undergoing a “Total makeover”.

The 80s mikado architecture with steel pickets and plastic canopies will make way for beautifully detailed and materialized brick facades. A warm jacket that refers to the dune landscape of Castricum and occasionally masks a canopy.

The shopping arcades will also be renovated by means of a raised curved and closed roof with better climatic properties. This roof is supported by wooden trusses placed separately from the storefronts, which will also provide an attractive and warm image.

The three current main entrances and the entrance on the parking roof will also be thoroughly tackled.

Apart from a few minor adjustments, the total number of retail meters will not or hardly increase.

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