Opening zonnecentrale Plantion

Dinsdag 20 juni 2017

20 JUNE 2017

On Wednesday 21 June 2017, the festive opening of the Plantion solar power station in Ede took place.

Plantion is an auction for the retail and wholesale of flowers, plants and green supplies. The new auction including the auction room was completed in 2010.

At the time, the new building was built according to sustainable principles and the roof was already fully prepared for it. And now the time has come. More than three football fields of solar panels are on the roof of Plantion. It is one of the largest roof-mounted solar panels projects in the Netherlands to date.

The solar power station ensures a CO2 reduction of more than 17,000 tons over a period of twenty years.

For completion in 2010, Plantion was presented with a model on which the entire building is visible, even the auction room can be viewed from the inside. The current model has been adapted especially for this occasion and also fitted with a total of 18,500 solar panels.

Plantion is a very green company, electricity via solar panels, heat from heat and cold storage installation, total building insulation, collection and use of rainwater and planned purchase of wind energy.

The opening of the solar power station will take place in a special year. This year Plantion exists 100 years. Breddels Architecten congratulates Plantion on this milestone.

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