Zondag 16 februari 2020

A new business building, a sausage factory, is being built on the De Vaandel business park in Heerhugowaard. The new building will be designed and furnished in such a way that it is possible to work professionally and in accordance with the strict rules of the processing of foodstuffs, with hygiene as a top priority.

The building permit has only just been received and construction has already started! The piles have recently gone into the ground.

The building will have a clear entrance with lots of glass, which stands for the clear and clean working method of the company. The entrance is positioned in the middle to divide the building in two and to provide a buffer between the supply and discharge of the products. This is also the reason that there are two entrances, with the left side being for the supply of foodstuffs. And the right side for the disposal of the produced and packaged products, which go to the store. Where the suppliers, transporters and staff enter the building, the facade is covered with a contemporary, sturdy profiled steel plate. The separation and routing of the production process is further emphasized by giving the entrance a different red/brown color.

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