Garden centre Gardheimar, Reykjavik in being realized

Monday July 17, 2023

The long-awaited Gardheimar garden center in Iceland is taking shape as the store setup is in full swing. In recent weeks, significant progress has been made, including the installation of a PVC floor and the placement of shelves. The addition of wooden structures around the shelves adds a beautiful touch to the garden center. Garden enthusiasts in Iceland can rejoice in this new flagship store. The opening is scheduled for September.

The team at Gardheimar has worked hard to make the interior of the garden center a success. The choice of a PVC floor not only provides a durable and easy-to-maintain foundation but also gives a fresh look. Installing the floor was a time-consuming task, but the result is certainly impressive. The sleek and modern appearance of the floor creates an inviting atmosphere in the space.

In addition to the floor, shelves play a crucial role in a garden center. Gardheimar has ensured sturdy and practical shelves to display a wide range of products. Whether it's flowers, plants, gardening tools, or decorative accessories, there is ample space to present everything in an organized manner. This allows customers to easily navigate and gain inspiration for their own gardens.

What truly sets the garden center apart is the wooden construction around the shelves. It not only provides a warm and natural ambiance but also creates a sense of connection with nature. The use of wood as a building material highlights Gardheimar's focus on environmental friendliness and sustainability. Furthermore, it contributes to the cozy and homely atmosphere of the garden center.

Although some tasks are yet to be completed, the Gardheimar team is confident that the garden center will be ready in time for the planned opening in September. The team is busy with final details, such as setting up different sections and caring for the green plants that will adorn the store.

Gardheimar eagerly anticipates the opening, aiming to welcome garden enthusiasts from all over Iceland. It promises to be an inspiring and cozy place where customers can find everything related to gardening. Whether you are an experienced gardener or just starting out, Gardheimar offers a wide range of products and expert advice to help everyone bring their gardens to life.

So, please be patient! In September, the doors of Gardheimar garden center will officially open. It presents a perfect opportunity to gain inspiration, discover new plants and flowers, and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere this garden center has to offer. Prepare for a wonderful experience filled with greenery and nature in the heart of Iceland!

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