Garden Center Advice is the garden center advice platform for garden center owners and investors who are looking for an innovative and very sustainable concept approach in the world of garden centers. Experienced and leading experts from the retail, architecture and garden center industry have joined forces with the aim of sustainably developing or optimizing garden centers all over the world.


Garden Center Advice helps entrepreneurs to make and maintain maximum profit with their garden center. Thanks to the combination of different expertise within Garden Center Advice, a company is supported on all fronts. For example, with the help of visuals bottlenecks in routing, assortment and presentation are immediately made clear.


Store meters that are lagging behind in turnover are mapped out and the entrepreneur is given tools for improvements and opportunities to generate extra income. Garden Center Advice can also make environmental, competition analyzes and feasibility studies, depending on the environment. As a result, opportunities can be assessed and utilized as effectively as possible and potential threats can be countered in a timely manner. Developing a custom-made garden center together with the advisors of Garden Center Advice can be a valuable addition for you as an entrepreneur. Curious what we can do for you? Please contact us so that we can share our many years of experience with you.