Characteristic Bulb Building completed

Thursday October 18, 2018

18 OCT 2018

The Bollengebouw, a characteristic and cultural-historical building, located on the Dorpsstraat in Broek op Langedijk, has been completed.

After the first designs at the beginning of 2012 and the many challenges that followed, the first residents moved in.

Breddels Architecten has made a design that fully matches the character of Broek op Langedijk. In collaboration with De Geus Bouw, seven new luxury apartments, a shop and a parking garage have been realized.

The former office in Delft School style has been renovated and 1 apartment and 1 studio have been realized. All houses have an indoor parking space and storage room.

The Bulb Building, located next to the BroekerVeiling Museum and on the water, used to be an auction hall for flower bulbs.

The authentic details of the building, such as the canopy to dry the bulbs inside and the original wooden loading and unloading doors have been preserved. The extension is contemporary and has a characterful appearance, made of beautiful and natural materials.

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