GardenCenterAdvice attended The Garden Retail Conference

Sunday August 28, 2022

GardenCenterAdvice participates in IGCA
The IGCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and improvement of the garden center industry worldwide. We provide a platform where garden centers can connect and exchange ideas, information and resources with like-minded members around the world. Our desire is to bring the industry together and cultivate a close-knit community, rich in shared knowledge.

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IGCA history
The International Garden Center Association (IGCA) exists to provide a forum for the mutual exchange of information and benefit of like-minded, independent garden merchants on a global basis. In 1960, a group of garden center owners began annual tours of Europe, organized by a German company, which also published a garden center magazine. IGCA was officially born in 1968, at a joint conference in Oxford, England between the Horticultural Trade Association and the British Group of Garden Centres. This conference was also attended by representatives from other European countries, where small groups of garden centers existed. Jeffrey Bernhard of the United Kingdom was elected the first IGCA president for a three-year term. The Association was governed by a Council of Representatives from eight countries (including the US), which met twice a year.

IGCA continues to grow, attracting individual garden centers from around the world and helping garden merchants become more competitive in a changing retail environment. The annual convention often sees more than 200 delegates, from as many as 20 different countries, and has included a study tour with a strong learning focus for the younger generation.

This year people will visit garden centers and other educational companies and events in the Netherlands for a week.

GardenCenterAdvice is present at Garden Center Abbing in Zeist.

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