Mooiste gebouw van West-Friesland?

Tuesday July 06, 2021

JULY 6, 2021

The Westfries Genootschap is organizing this year's election 'Most beautiful industrial building in West Friesland'. With this they want to draw attention to the preservation and strengthening of the West Frisian Heritage. This concerns new industrial buildings and industrial buildings that were restored or radically renovated in the period from 2011 to 2020 and are located within the Westfriese Omringdijk.

Leegwater Hout Preparation is one of the contenders for the most beautiful industrial building in West Friesland. The office building was designed by Breddels Architects and built by De Geus Bouw.

This office building shows in a beautiful way what Leegwater is involved in: Wood preparation. The facade is built with wooden parts of different widths, creating a rich image. The building is divided into two building volumes with a glass connection. Dividing the mass creates a beautiful parcelisation*, so that it matches the scale and size of the environment. According to the jury commentary of the architects Rens Bakker and Ben Looye.

*Meaning parcelisation: visible age characteristics that distinguish the surface of old (art) objects from new objects made of the same material, or their imitation.

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for Leegwater Houtbereiding as "Most Beautiful commercial building of West-Friesland '!

You can vote until August 14, 2021.

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