New garden center in Denmark will soon start

Monday April 05, 2021

Breddels was allowed to make the design for this new Plantorama location with a size of almost 12,000 m².

Due to the use of special materials in the facade and the special roof structure, the project has a chic appearance.

Plantorama currently has 11 branches in Denmark and Smiemans Projecten will start construction of this new garden center in mid-June.

The roof is executed with asymmetrical and flat roof structures. The flat roof has light strips that provide the restaurant with daylight. There are also 1,000 m² of solar panels on the roof, which will result in considerable CO2 savings. In addition, LED lighting is used everywhere and the rainwater is reused for watering the flowers and plants.

The entrance is located in the central part, with a restaurant on the first floor. There is also a playground for children.

The outside area is largely covered by plastic arched greenhouses, which means that customers will experience extra comfort.

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