Two new stores in Tuitjenhorn

Tuesday March 23, 2021

From the summer of 2021, an Etos and Primera will be opened in Tuitjenhorn.

Yvonne van Duin and her son Luke Beemsterboer set up this new business in Tuitjenhorn together. The Etos will be in the drugstore that was already on the Dorpsstraat, near the church.

The internal demolition has now started and Breddels Architecten has made the design for the renovation and new construction of these two stores.
The entrance is moved to the right with a beautiful six-by-six meter porch, accentuated with an eye-catching wooden truss. The facade of the entrance will be clad with horizontal wooden parts and will have a spacious sliding door as entrance. The existing shop window in the front facade on the left is being upgraded with wooden posts and panels of varying heights.

When you enter through the new entrance, the Etos is immediately in front of you and on the left is the Primera, a shop with an extensive range, including a dry cleaning service, a postal agency and a Geldmaat.

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