Maintain the lawn with ECOstyle products

A healthy and deep green lawn? ECOstyle offers you all solutions for creating, maintaining or repairing lawns. All products have natural ingredients and contribute to the restoration and preservation of the natural balance of plant and soil.

Are you going to lay a new lawn? Then opt for sod or for sowing the lawn. You can maintain the lawn by fertilizing the lawn with Lawn-AZ, a 100% organic lawn fertilizer. You can also solve problems in the lawn with ECOstyle products. Do you suffer from clover, weeds or artificial leather in the lawn? Solve it with ECOstyle products.

maintenance ECOstyle makes lawn maintenance easy. ECOstyle products are of natural origin, so liming and fertilizing can all be done in 1 day. The following four steps are important in lawn care:

Scarifying, sowing, liming and fertilizing
Scarify the grass to remove thatch and any moss that may be present. Then sow the bare plots with grass seed recovery. You do lime with AZ-Lime. Finally you will fertilize, of course you do this with Lawn-AZ

Mowing the Grass
Step 1 Complete? It is now important that you mow the lawn regularly. If you have fertilized with Lawn-AZ, you can leave the clippings behind. Lawn-AZ ensures that the clippings are converted into nutrients for the soil and soil life, resulting in a strong and healthy lawn.

Tweede bevruchting
Onze Lawn-AZ biedt 120 dagen voeding. Als u het gazon in het voorjaar heeft bemest, is het belangrijk om dit in de zomer opnieuw te doen. Zo blijft het gazon mooi groen, krijgt mos geen kans en gaat je grasmat gezond de herfst in.

Spreading and autumn fertilization
Did you enjoy your lawn in the spring and summer? Top! It is important that you start working on the lawn again before the winter, so that you can enjoy a beautiful lawn in the spring. Start with the last mowing and then use Lawn Soil. Using lawn soil makes your lawn more resistant to winter frosts. It provides an airy top layer and reduces the risk of felt and moss formation. The final fertilization is done with Lawn-AZ Autumn, the nutrients in Lawn-AZ Autumn make the lawn more resilient and protect your grass in winter against extreme weather conditions.