Keeping houseplants healthy can sometimes be a challenge. They need a good durable potting soil, some plants even have specific preferences. Houseplants need nutrition to grow and bloom well. You may be suffering from a pest such as thrips, fungus gnats (potting soil flies) and aphids. ECOstyle has an ecologically responsible solution for every pest.

Looking after house plants? Consciously choose ECOstyle

Indoor plants complete the atmosphere in your home. There is always a place for a large or smaller plant. In addition, they have an air-purifying effect. Do you want to know which potting soil is best to use and which houseplant food you need? Then you have come to the right place at ECOstyle for the best products for all your house plants. You can also solve problems with your house plants with ECOstyle products. Do your houseplants suffer from flies or aphids? Take a quick look at our pest page and find a solution quickly.

Healthy plants are radiant plants. Taking care of your houseplants is therefore very important. Sufficient water and nutrition ensures healthy plants. The plants feed ECOstyle optimally nourished your houseplant. You can also take care of orchids with ECOstyle orchid food.

 5 tips for taking care of houseplants

  • Provide a good, water-retaining potting soil
  • Give houseplant food weekly
  • Check regularly for pests, because thrips and spider mites can just pop up in your plant
  • Fight nematodes when you suffer from pests
  • Use Spruzit-R to quickly contain various pests