Nieuwbouw Gartencenter Kemper, Lennestadt (Duitsland) 2015

The new garden center in Hagen, Lower Saxony, near the Teutoburg Forest, was built for owner and operator Jörg Kemper.

In the spring of 2015, the new 2,295 m² garden center was opened across Natruper Straße, where the family-owned Schmidt Zoo & Garten/Landhandel has been located for many years. Striking is the more than 60 m long and 7.40 m high facade with sun-resistant Stopsol Classic Clear glass.

Vooraanzicht van het hoofdgebouwVooraanzicht van het hoofdgebouw
Tuincentrum 1Tuincentrum 1
Tuincentrum 2Tuincentrum 2
Tuincentrum 3Tuincentrum 3
Tuincentrum 4Tuincentrum 4
Cafetariagedeelte 1Cafetariagedeelte 1
Cafetariagedeelte 2Cafetariagedeelte 2
Cafetariagedeelte 3Cafetariagedeelte 3