Verbouw Plantorama, Egå (Denemarken) 2019

The Danish garden center chain Plantorama has been given a fresh modern house style, which is reflected for the first time in their newest Plantorama experience center in Egå.

The garden center has been moved to the other side of Grenåvej, where the competitor Bo Grønt used to be. With an area of ​​9,200 m², equivalent to two football fields, it is Jutland's largest garden and animal center and also the greenest in Denmark.

Plantorama Egå was built with care for the environment. The garden center has installed 650 m² of solar panels on the roof that provide 100,000 kWh of electricity, resulting in an annual CO2 saving of 66,650 kg. There is LED lighting everywhere and rainwater is reused for flowers and plants.

Experience center - Plantorama Egå is a garden center with an experience for the whole family all year round. It is not only a garden center, but also an excursion place where all family members can gain experience.
Customers can now experience different environments and find inspiration for interior decoration, food specialties, a large selection of plants and flowers, accessories for the home and garden, as well as live animals and animal items. There is also space for a farm shop (Farm Shop) with fresh organic fruit and vegetables, a vet, a playground (Playland) and the inviting Espresso Café (Espresso House).

Plantorama Egå has been open since March 2019. This modern garden center will serve as a model for the way in which existing garden centers will be expanded or newly built. There are 11 Plantorama garden centers and more are on the way. The plan is to reach 25 garden centers.

Plantorama Inside View 10Plantorama Inside View 10
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Plantorama BinnenaanzichtPlantorama Binnenaanzicht
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