Nieuwbouw Intratuin, Nuenen (Nederland) 2010

An Intratuin has now arisen on the spot where the seagulls once floated above the Nuenen garbage dump. The mountains of waste have been transformed into a raised green landscape, in which the new Intratuin majestically enthrones. A unique and sustainable location at its best for a 'green' company such as Intratuin.

A true landmark rises a high nave with a curved roof, flanked by long, 'glass' greenhouses. Within the considerable size of the central part, the entrance doors are kept modest in height, with attention to the human dimension. Behind it is a large void, spacious and open in design. About 6,000 m² of retail space is divided between a cold greenhouse and a warm greenhouse. The wooden finish of the inner walls and the climbing plants that wind up along the pillars give the whole a natural look.

After the cold greenhouse is the Intratuincafé and a spacious logistics hub, with wide stairs and an elevator to the floor. With an area of ​​about 1,500 m², it offers plenty of space for garden furniture.
This makes a visit to the Intratuin in Nuenen pleasant shopping for and in the green.

Nieuwbouw Intratuin, Nuenen 1Nieuwbouw Intratuin, Nuenen 1
Vooraanzicht van het gebouwVooraanzicht van het gebouw
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