New build Intratuin, Leidsche Rijn (the Netherlands) 2006

Mark and Wendie are siblings in a ‘green’ family; their parents managed the Cees Vernooij garden center for many years.

In 2007, the garden center, established by their parents in 1973, had to make way for housing developments. They were bought out by the municipal authorities and relocated their business elsewhere down the same street. They used this opportunity to make some major changes. Mark and Wendie took over the business from their parents.

They began as Groenrijk garden center which is now called Intratuin Leidsche Rijn, situated along the periphery of Máxima Park, with the busy A2 motorway on one side and a stately new residential area on the other.

Being positioned along the periphery of Máxima Park is an important factor in the garden center’s success, as the park attracts a lot of visitors. The new garden center is at least ten times bigger than their parents’ business. 

Intratuin Leidsche Rijn has an extensive range of products varying from cut flowers, indoor and outdoor plants, home-decorating articles, animal requisites and barbecues to various gardening supplies. Intratuin Leidsche Rijn is not just a garden center; it’s an exciting source of inspiration.

Side View Of The BuildingSide View Of The Building
Beautiful View Of The BuildingBeautiful View Of The Building
Inside View Of The BuildingInside View Of The Building
Garden AreaGarden Area
Beautiful View Of The GardenBeautiful View Of The Garden
Flowers And Plants AreaFlowers And Plants Area
Beautiful FlowersBeautiful Flowers
Work StationWork Station
Outdoor ViewOutdoor View
Outside Building ViewOutside Building View
Beautiful Ineterior ViewBeautiful Ineterior View
Beautiful Ineterior View 1Beautiful Ineterior View 1
Beautiful Ineterior View 2Beautiful Ineterior View 2
Beautiful Ineterior View 3Beautiful Ineterior View 3
Morning Walk in Utrecht 🌥️ | Leidsche Rijn Center | The Netherlands 4K
Morning Walk in Utrecht 🌥️ | Leidsche Rijn Center | The Netherlands 4K