New build Intratuin, Assen (the Netherlands) 1997

Intratuin (now called Tuinland) in Assen is Garden Center Advice’ tenth garden centre in a row. In close consultation with the client, Garden Center Advice developed a roll-out concept for Intratuin’s garden centres. The principal focus was centred on the routing, atmosphere, use of materials and sustainable installations. However, this does not mean that each Intratuin is exactly the same. The differing environments always demand specific solutions, which ensures that each building is individual.

In Assen, at the Randweg site there was a requirement for a minimum height of ten meters. The eleven meter greenhouse construction assured this Intratuin acquired a striking presence, being visible for miles around. Brick elements to the high elevation are reprised at the entrance. Internally, the high greenhouse exudes the atmosphere of one of the grander station sheds, and is largely used as an attractive catering facility. The additional height also offers space to display some of the more special plants and items.

The routing through the garden centre is both pragmatic and adventurous. Via an attractive hall with a shop for cut flowers and a children’s play area, the visitor can follow a fascinating path through a sequence of spaces, including the unheated greenhouse, the external areas and the heated rooms. A smart climate system and an irrigation system using rainwater ensure the various plants and product items receive the optimum, sustainable care they require. Warm colours create a pleasant atmosphere for the visitor and make the shopping experience in this Intratuin something just that little bit special.

front view of Nieuwbouw Intratuin, Assenfront view of Nieuwbouw Intratuin, Assen
Architecture work of New construction Intratuin, AssenArchitecture work of New construction Intratuin, Assen
Outside view of Nieuwbouw Intratuin, AssenOutside view of Nieuwbouw Intratuin, Assen
Interior work of Nieuwbouw Intratuin, AssenInterior work of Nieuwbouw Intratuin, Assen
Garden centre imageGarden centre image
Inside decorum of New construction Intratuin, AssenInside decorum of New construction Intratuin, Assen
Corridor viewCorridor view
Corridor decorum Corridor decorum
Outer view Outer view
Side view of New Construction, AssenSide view of New Construction, Assen