New build Intratuin, Zwolle (the Netherlands) 1999

Zwolle’s Intratuin (now called Tuinland) is really something special. This is the first Intratuin to combine shopping and parking in one building. A solution born out of necessity and the success of which surpassed all expectations. The 16.000 m² site was indeed too small to accommodate the desire for 13.000 m² of retail space and 500 parking spaces.

Below the complex is a half basement level parking garage for up to 450 cars and together with the 100 car on-site parking facility, this more than meets the parking requirements. The façade of the parking garage features light-coloured precast concrete elements, with large arched openings. Fan grills provide a light weight cladding, creating an almost playful counterpoint to the sleek glass elements above.

The main access portal is sited forward of the garden centre’s central front elevation and forms a kind of entrance conservatory. This part is set out at right-angles to the other greenhouses and is topped by an additional layer of office accommodation. The extra long, shallow, moving walkways leading to the next level and the ample retail space are located in this spacious, 15 x 15 meter, entrance area. In addition to the Intratuin retail facilities, goods reception and despatch are available at the same level.

Particular attention was given to ensuring pleasant climate conditions for the customers and of course the plants. The high-spec environmental installations feature a rain water irrigation system. Inside the large greenhouses, the smaller concessions pin down the overall composition to a human scale. The garden cafe is exquisitely decorated and even using the parking garage is far from the usual disagreeable experience. With plenty of natural light and fresh air flowing through the fan grills, the extra height, the wide parking bays and the legal graffiti art by young local artists make parking your car for once something of a pleasant experience.

Shopping in the Intratuin Zwolle is a quality experience at all levels.

Light Work in ZwolleLight Work in Zwolle
Full View of new constructionFull View of new construction
Glass beautyGlass beauty
Corridor BeautyCorridor Beauty
Outer DecorOuter Decor
Inside arrangementInside arrangement
Corridor lookCorridor look
New construction LookNew construction Look
Interior Design and ideaInterior Design and idea
Basement decorBasement decor
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