ECOstyle: Naturally aware
The mission of ECOstyle has stood firm for more than 50 years: together to restore and preserve the natural balance of plants and animals, in order to pass on the world better to future generations. All products are based on the cleverness of nature: active substances or natural processes.

Those who want a better world must take the initiative themselves. That is the idea with which ECOstyle first started developing and selling ecologically responsible products with a minimum impact on the environment and health more than 50 years ago.

Founder Jan Zwart was in the potato trade at the time. He saw that fertilizers, pesticides and other agrochemicals brought better productivity to agriculture. However, he was very concerned because crops became more susceptible to diseases, healthy soil life was disrupted, and agricultural land was becoming poorer. In the sixties, the word sustainability did not yet exist, but Jan Zwart thought: “There must be another way!” With 3 partners, he therefore started a trade in agricultural products on a natural basis in 1967, which has expanded over the years to products for private individuals.

With every ECOstyle product that individuals and professionals use, they contribute to the restoration and preservation of the natural balance of plants and animals. In this way, together we pass on the world a little better to future generations.

Our products

All products are based on the cleverness and power of nature: active ingredients or natural processes. ECOstyle only chooses ecologically responsible raw materials that are always biodegradable. The products we develop are safe for humans, animals and the environment. Our suppliers also produce according to a Code of Conduct and produce according to ECOstyle limits.

Ambitious mission in practice

There is plenty of inspiration in nature, so R&D colleagues and the purchasing team are constantly working on new products and applications together with customers and partners. We are happy to share knowledge and experience with private and professional users. This makes it easier for everyone to have a positive impact on the future with your purchase choices.

With every ECOstyle product you use, you contribute to the recovery and maintenance of the natural balance of plant and animal. This way you pass on the world a little better to future generations.

ECOstyle and sustainable business

The ECOstyle office and warehouse is built according to sustainable guidelines on an ecological working landscape. Companies with a philosophy similar to that of ECOstyle are also settling on this ecological work landscape. In addition, it is a mix of education, government and business, including the presence of a conference center.