Van der Leeden


With passion for more than 100 years we create natural handmade baskets, furniture and decoration of top quality with the highest care for the environment exporting to markets all over the world. 



Our mission is to create, innovate and produce a wide range of well-designed products that fit with the desires of our customers and the latest trends in home & garden decoration. 

Sustainability and social compliance:-


  • Type of palm tree (calamus rotang)

  • Native to Indonesia

  • Looks like bamboo, but has a solid inner core

  • Grows up to 8 meters per year

  • All parts of the material can be used, apart from the thorns

  • Van der Leeden chooses sustainability and rainforest conservation

  • The palm trees are not damaged in the process

  • No heavy machinery

  • The rattan is bundled and carried out of the jungle by hand

  • The cut rattan is soaked in local streams

  • No chemical treatment

  • Soaking without chemicals leads to the beautiful natural colour

  • Soaking also increases flexibility

Van der Leeden
Van der Leeden
Van der Leeden
Van der Leeden
Van der Leeden
Van der Leeden