After a long career in investment management and short foray into luxury retail, Hans Goossens, founder of OFYR, decided for a career switch. He had always wanted to create a tangible product, and his search for the perfect grill to spend evenings cooking with his family and friends inspired the design of OFYR.

After being introduced to the market, the concept was embraced by home chefs as well as professionals. “Where a candle is needed to find a happy client in the investment world, it is an incredible satisfaction to see the enthusiasm OFYR sparks in every user.”

The experience of cooking with OFYR is one he enjoys every time: “It is an adventurous way of cooking. We just love to make a fire.” However, as a lover of aesthetics, Hans is particularly proud of the timeless design which complements each garden. With the new products, OFYR transformed into an outdoor lifestyle concept. His vision shows in every item of the collection and “we from OFYR, as a company, are full of new ideas for the future to further ignite our vision of true connection”.

From the very beginning, we humans have been social creatures. Our ancestors sat around cooking fires and telling stories. Today, there are endless ways of communicating: we walk around with everyday devices that allow us to write or talk to people anywhere in the world. But when do we feel truly connected to one other? Usually, these moments occur around food, drinks and fire.


OFYR is designed for these moments of connection. The initial creation of OFYR was fueled by the desire of the founder to transform outdoor cooking from a solitary activity into a shared one. The concept was first introduced in The Netherlands in 2015 and is now sold in more than 80 countries. Supported by a team of designers, the founder has added a range of outdoor furniture, utensils, and top-quality accessories to the line, making OFYR not just a product but a complete outdoor lifestyle concept.