Smart system

Smart system

Smart Robotic Mowers

Mow your lawn fully automatically with the smart system via the GARDENA smart App.

Smart Sensor Control

Measure the soil moisture and temperature in your garden or planters and check them in the GARDENA smart App.

Smart Irrigation Control Sensor

Water different zones in your garden with a fixed watering system and the smart Irrigation Control, which can control 6 independent valves.

Smart Water Control

Water the garden fully automatically with tap water via the smart App. You can also set a schedule.

Smart Power Adapter

Connect an electrical device to the GARDENA smart Power Adapter such as your lighting, and switch your lighting on or off whenever you want via the smart App.

Smart Pump

With the GARDENA smart App you can water your garden according to pre-set schedules and even supply your toilet and washing machine with water.

The GARDENA smart App

EasyApp control: always take care of your garden, wherever you are.
Automatic schedule: The smart App helps you maintain your garden well with a planning assistant. Schedules help you know when to mow your lawn and water plants.
Sensor Control: The smart Sensor records temperature and soil moisture in your garden for customized irrigation and water savings.
Smart Home: Integrate smart garden devices into your Apple HomeKit or control them with your voice via Amazon Alexa.
Easy configuration: the smart App provides step-by-step guidance for setting up your own smart system.
Weather forecast: rain on the way? The smart App adjusts the schedules based on the weather forecast.
Plant library: discover everything you want to know about plants.

Smart system