Le Maître - Multifunctional Luxury

Hard work and busy schedules are part of everyday life for many people.
Moments of free time are scarce and therefore increasingly important. Le
Maître's mission is to optimize those free moments through
top quality products that ensure maximum Burgundian enjoyment.

For example, the Le Maître Multi-Oven has been developed based on the principle that you
can enjoy good food or a pleasant heat with just one product. The Multi-Oven from Le Maître
offers many possibilities. With just a few steps, the Le Maître Multi-Oven is a
BBQ, smoker or Teppanyaki and then a beautiful patio fireplace.

Luxury, multifunctionality, quality and comfort are words that are highly valued at Le Maître. Le Maître originated from the principle that we can get the most out of our minimum free time. And what better way to do that than with a Multi-Oven that provides you
with all the conveniences and possibilities!

A little less of cooking and a little more of an open fire? For this we designed the sturdy Fire Pit & BBQ. This fire pit is a real winner and a must-have for every outdoor enthusiast. The fire basket has the option to remove the supplied grill grates and, for example, add a Teppanyaki, or to leave the basket completely open. Here, too, convenience is paramount, with a sturdy set of wheels that can be moved easily and is fully weather-resistant.

Le Maître - Multifunctional Luxury
Le Maître - Multifunctional Luxury